Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Jewellery Designer asked me about the price of emeralds

Recently, I met this jewellery designer who just started her online shop selling jewellery. 
She has a customer who asked her about the price of emeralds, and she was not sure how to answer.
She diverted the question to me. So here's my take on defining the price of an emerald.

To define the price for emeralds let's divide into 2 categories.

1. Single stones (eg. For the centre stone in a piece of jewellery )

You have to take in consideration

Carat weight : how large is the stone or the mm size of the stone

Colour: is the colour pure? Are there secondary hues? Is the colour lively and vivid? Is the colour heart catching?

Clarity: are the inclusions very distracting?

Cut: does the shape look good? Is the stone suitable for conventional setting? 

Treatment: what is the extent of the treatment? What kind of treatment? Is the treatment acceptable?

Origin: is it a traditional origin stone? Is there demand for this particular origin? Does the gem display the characteristic colour and inclusions of the origin?

After you consider all these, then u think about pricing.

2. Meelees for setting
Overall make of the parcels (shape / cut of the stones)

Clarity of the parcel

Colour of the parcel

Is it a mixed parcel or straight sized?

After you consider all these, then you think about pricing.

Most emeralds have to be clarity enhanced as it is the nature of emeralds to have inclusions. Usually, emeralds that have very little inclusions tend to be very light in colour, bordering between green beryl and emerald.

The cause of colour in emerald is chromium, this is also the cause of the inclusions.

When looking at treatment of emeralds, we study the extent of the treatment, as the more cracks and fissures in the emerald, the more oil / resin would get into the stone.

At the end of the day, you should also factor in the dealer's costs to make a living. Yes there is a market price, but you have to give some room for the wholesaler for him to make his living.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A question of preferrence

53ct unheated light blue included sapphire

Here's a 53ct ceylon, unheated sapphire. Beautiful size, light colour, colour is uneven, visibly included. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Gem of the trade. Prelude to a 12 Part Series.

I was at the bookstore with my family. My daughter sat down and starting reading a book on a disney movie, my son was looking at her and my wife was looking after them. I went over to the business books section, a section where I like very much as I'm a person who likes to add value to my business and the way I do it.

I was looking through the shelf of books, I saw Elim's book "The Elim Chew story" , Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki's book "Why We want you to be rich". My wife suddenly appeared and told me "I think I'm going to write my book soon." So I wondered, "Why can't I write a book too?"

I have thought of this for a long time, from what angle do I write it? I would like to write it to commemorate my 10 years of being in this gems & jewellery industry,

It would be a compilation of stories of gem hunting, lessons learnt and hopefully some funny experiences.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Singapore, a great place to learn and practice jewellery design.

Looking at the certificate of appreciation for being a judge at The Singapore Jewellery Design Awards 2016 reminds me that we must sow back to the next generation, create opportunities for the next generation to have meaningful lessons, share our experience with them, help them get the right exposure. 

Taking a photo with the Jewelllery design diploma and degree students, together with their lecturer Sandra Fie.
Today, I was speaking to a group of 17 students from Raffles Design Institute regarding an upcoming project we are doing together called "Gems for Generations". 
Some points we discussed.
1. Build a good relationship with your craftsmen. Some of your jewellery design are very impressive and captivating, but without skilled workmanship, it would be very difficult to execute a good design.

2. On top of good design skills, you need to learn presentation skills to present / sell your idea to your client. In the classroom you stand infront of the class to present, but remember in a real life scenariom you would be having coffee with your client, sitting beside her, working with gemstones, and putting them on her hand, and explaining your design at the same time. 

3. We live in a global world but preserve your culture. For me, Singapore is too small a market to design a design specifically for Singaporeans but if you are from China, a 1 billion population means you have a market to sell something close to the hearts of a fellow chinese. Or if you are from Myanmar, population of 55 million, they can appreciate inspiration from the festival of lights. 
Many designs might not work for the Singaporean market, so don't be discouraged if you design something an no one appreciates. Find a market that appreciates, work hard and find that market.


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Filming for a local mandarin variety show called "Sherlock at work"

Thanks to Pornsak, the crew and my wife, the shoot is done and was enjoyable. Never thought that I would be on mandarin television. We were investigating about jadeite / nephrite, the different treatments of jade and what were the scientific methods of testing to determine the identity of a piece of jade.

Testing jade involves many processes, so to ask someone to just "have a look" and tell you a result, is actually rather dangerous!

The show would be broadcasted on channel 8 next year January 2017.

Read more about the show at http://www.wawapictures.com.sg/sherlock-at-work.html.