Thursday, November 17, 2016

3 things to make your tv interview kick

This year I did 2 TV interviews, the 1st interview wasn't so good. But the 2nd interview was much better. So I put this blog post together.

1. Read through your script before the interview. If you are too busy to read, use Google translate to read out the script to you in the car while you drive.

2. Be bold to let your personality show.
Information is so easily accessible but personality can only be felt from a person. Let your personality show through the information.

3. Take it 1 segment at a time. The ability to edit is powerful these days. If you find it too hard to finish 1 segment in 1 take , ask your producer to cut the segment down into parts to make it easier for you.

Have fun! Catch my segment on identifying jadeite in the show "sherlock at work" which airs every Wednesday 9pm on channel U. The episode should be out in January 2017!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Singapore, a great place to learn and practice jewellery design.

Looking at the certificate of appreciation for being a judge at The Singapore Jewellery Design Awards 2016 reminds me that we must sow back to the next generation, create opportunities for the next generation to have meaningful lessons, share our experience with them, help them get the right exposure. 

Taking a photo with the Jewelllery design diploma and degree students, together with their lecturer Sandra Fie.
Today, I was speaking to a group of 17 students from Raffles Design Institute regarding an upcoming project we are doing together called "Gems for Generations". 
Some points we discussed.
1. Build a good relationship with your craftsmen. Some of your jewellery design are very impressive and captivating, but without skilled workmanship, it would be very difficult to execute a good design.

2. On top of good design skills, you need to learn presentation skills to present / sell your idea to your client. In the classroom you stand infront of the class to present, but remember in a real life scenariom you would be having coffee with your client, sitting beside her, working with gemstones, and putting them on her hand, and explaining your design at the same time. 

3. We live in a global world but preserve your culture. For me, Singapore is too small a market to design a design specifically for Singaporeans but if you are from China, a 1 billion population means you have a market to sell something close to the hearts of a fellow chinese. Or if you are from Myanmar, population of 55 million, they can appreciate inspiration from the festival of lights. 
Many designs might not work for the Singaporean market, so don't be discouraged if you design something an no one appreciates. Find a market that appreciates, work hard and find that market.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Filming for a local mandarin variety show called "Sherlock at work"

Thanks to Pornsak, the crew and my wife, the shoot is done and was enjoyable. Never thought that I would be on mandarin television. We were investigating about jadeite / nephrite, the different treatments of jade and what were the scientific methods of testing to determine the identity of a piece of jade.

Testing jade involves many processes, so to ask someone to just "have a look" and tell you a result, is actually rather dangerous!

The show would be broadcasted on channel 8 next year January 2017.

Read more about the show at

Giving a talk on "Marketing to Millenials" at the Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair 2016.

Last Friday at the Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair, I had the honour to share with the trade on a topic that is currently on the mind of many jewellers - "Marketing Gemstones & Jewellery to Millennials". As the market for gems and jewellery continues to grow, more Millennials have joined in as prospective buyers and collectors.

Several independent studies including The Diamond Insight Report 2016 published by The De Beers Group of Companies, all point to a bright future ahead for the industry as more Millennials get married and settle down. However, the industry has found it challenging in trying to market gems and jewellery to this new target segment.
One reason could be a lack of understanding in the way this segment engages with our trade and the stark differences in their buying decision process compared with previous generations. Through this seminar, I was able to share about my company and how we have taken in these insights and applied them to our marketing strategy.

I cited two case studies which many in the audience found useful and something they could replicate for their business. I really enjoyed sharing this knowledge which I believe will benefit the trade and take our industry up to a whole new level!

Friday, October 21, 2016

The house of Bvlgari - the passion behind gems & jewellery.

Together with my wife, we just completed a successful workshop for Bvlgari. Staff from Singapore and Malaysia came and we equipped them with a deeper understanding of gems and jewellery.

A workshop well done!

Huiying sharing her knowledge

Sharing my experience on gems & jewellery.