Saturday, July 30, 2016

Some gems I sourced and sold to my clients, also helped to co-ordinate the crafting of the jewellery

Here are some projects I did during 2009 - 20111
Star Sapphire set in 18k gold, men's ring
Icy Jade Ring with diamonds
Jadeite with marquise and round brilliant diamonds
Blue Sapphire set in white and yellow gold

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Interview: In conversation with Ko Hein from Naing Family (Mogok) Gems & Jewellery Co Ltd on Star Sapphires from Myanmar

While I was exhibiting at the Gems, Mineral and Fossil Asia 2016 at Hong Kong in June. I had the privilege to interview Ko Hein, the director of Naing Family (Mogok) gems & jewellery Co Ltd.

Expedition : My visit to the Jakarta Gem Center!

I love to travel. Here's a short video journal about my visit to the Jakarta Gem Center!

Episode 5: Sapphires!

Watch this episode on my sharing on sapphires!

Mined for men, a presentation for men on how to select a gemstone for their engagement ring!

On the evening of 7 July, Far East Gems & Jewellery organised a private talk at The Gem Museum for men only called "Mined for Men: Selecting a Gemstone for the Engagement Ring". This by-invitation event attracted a group of 17 gentlemen who were looking for a gemstone for the engagement ring. 

I was honored to be the speaker for this event. First, I shared about the 4 main gemstones: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond. Then, I helped my guests to narrow down their selection by understanding their partner's personality, and using her personality to build a connection with the different gemstones. To help them visualize better, we came up with a simple concept with the use of 'live' female talents to portray 4 common female personalities: "Miss Girl-Next-Door"; "Miss Chic Sophistic"; "Miss Artistic Muse" and "Miss Career Woman". This made the session both entertaining and educational at the same time. Finally, we encouraged the men to decide on a budget range, in order to help them buy with greater confidence. At the end of the presentation, our guests were allowed to view my collection of gemstones up close and I was happy to help with any queries and to answer their questions.

One of the guests later commented: "It was an enriching and interesting event getting to know more about the different types of gemstones." Another one added: "Brilliant Concept!" In my opinion, this was a great event - it had a fresh concept and the guests really enjoyed themselves. My team and I am planning for more of such events in the coming months. If you wish to follow us and secure your seat for the next event, do drop me an email at or sign up for our monthly newsletter at

Here are some photos!

We specially curated a collection of Rubies!

Addressing the men!

The Girl next door personality

Ms Sophisticated Chic

The Career Woman

Our audience!

Huiying talking to a group of men about diamonds!

Sharing my knowledge on sapphires!

A specially curated collection of emeralds and sapphires!